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Did you know that some metals can improve the taste of a meal?
The material, the color and the cutlery weight influence in how we perceive the food.
Somes studies had reveal that some food taste much better depending on the material you are eating with.
This concept is very usefull for a restaurant with interests in new cuisine. Combining the food with its perfect fork can be a new trend that will give copper a domestic use that it hasn’t  had before.
And not just for restaurants, you can also have this tasty cutlery at home.
In cheff recommendations you will find the perfect match for each food and metal, so you can prepeare a delicious meal at home that will surprise you guests.
It seems that mango taste amazing with a copper fork!
Our idea is to create new objects from recycled copper. The design has been developed based on the copper’s life cycle and its properties.
We have decided to divide each piece of cutlery in two parts since they don’t have the same purpose as they don’t need the same properties.

The head of each piece has to be durable, resistant and tasteless. With an advanced technological treatment called PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) used in aerospace and biomedical applications, various shades of surface colour can be obtained that are both non-toxic and bio-compatible. The product with such a finish scratch resistant, guaranteed dishwasher safe, does not mark, and is resistant to everyday use. The colours of these items remain unchanged in time, making them a perfect choice for the table, as well as for normal daily use in hotels and restaurants.

The body of each piece of cutlery has to be resistant too, but not necessarily so durable or tasteless as the head. We have decided to use different materials such as wood, cement or even recycled copper and its alloys. All these materials are also recyclable.

The copper and its alloys won’t be treated at all, so patina process will start by itself, giving them a natural look.

The client will be able to choose both materials, designing its own cutlery, deciding the colours and the textures.

As head and body can be splited, the customer can recycle the part which doesn’t want to use anymore, keeping the other and buying a new recycled one.